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Frequently Asked Question


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1Q. How do I create my Account?

  1. If the address states TBD, fill in TBD as you see it in the box next to the TBD text.
  2. Fill out your name, confirm email, and type in your custom password that will be used for your account then click submit
  3. You will receive a second email to confirm your account (if you do not please contact mortgagesupport@raveis.com)
  4. Access the link in the 2nd email and type your new password to login
  5. Save the website as a favorite as this is will be how you login to the webcenter. 

Click here to download the Account Guide


2Q. I consented already why do I need to eConsent?

A. eConsenting allows William Raveis Mortgage to confirm a digital print of your consent, this will then allow William Raveis Mortgage to accept Digital Signatures labeled eSignatures. If your email is changed, you will need to eConsent again.

Click here to download the How to eConsent



3Q. How do I Save an Online Application and access it again?

A. Access the guide here and follow the steps to saving and accessing the application at a later time.

Click here to learn How to Save and Access My Online Application



4Q. How do I eSign my file? I was told to use my password.

A. Your custom password is used to login to the webcenter. eSign documents use your Authorization Code which will always be the last 6 of your SSN, 5 tries to input this, if you are unsure please contact mortgagesupport@raveis.com



5Q. Login page says Account not Active.

A. Contact mortgagesupport@raveis.com as your activation link has expired to create your account. 


6Q. I don’t remember my password. How do I reset it?

A. The login page has a forgot my password link which you can use to reset your password.

 Click here if you Forgot your Password



7Q. The Login page says my account is locked

A. Contact mortgagesupport@raveis.com and they can send you a temporary password you can use to reset your account.



8Q. I didn’t get an email about econsent? 

  1. The emails will come from efolder@elliemae.com with information from William Raveis Mortgage
  2. If you are missing emails, please check your spam, junk or check with your company server if emails are blocked. 
  3. If you do not see an email, log into the webcenter and look for econsent notification in your Loan Detail page.
  4. If you have not received an email or econsent in your webcenter please contact your Executive Mortgage Banker and Loan Coordinator to confirm the email was sent. 



9Q. I looked over my online application and went through all my pages, where do I eSign?

A. Once you are sent your documents and have confirmed your Authorization Code, you will need to click on all the Yellow Sections on the document to add your eSignature.


10Q. How do I Upload multiple documents to the webcenter?

A. After clicking the Upload Button, you may only select 1 Document per Placeholder. You can reuse the placeholder AFTER you click submit. At the moment the placholders only allow 1 Document per Placeholder at a time.

 How to Upload documents


11Q. Google Chrome only allows me to view about 1 inch of my documents, how do I fix this?

A. Not all versions of google chrome are compatiable with the site, check your chrome settings to see if there is an update. If this still does not work please use another recommended browser such as Internet Explorer.


12Q. My Authorization Code is not Working?

A. Five tries will be given to type the correct authorization code in. If the code fails by the 3rd attempt, we recommend contacting Mortgagesuppot@raveis.com that way they can see what code was placed when the disclosures where sent.

Once the Code has failed the authorization process then the Package becomes a wetsign document (JUST THAT PACKAGE) all future packages can still be esigned.




13Q. I received an ESigning Error Message?

A. If you recieve the error message Below while esigning documents, Please contact your Executive Mortgage Banker and/or Mortgagesupport@raveis.com .

ESigning Error - An error occured during the signing process.


14Q. Can I Esign with a mobile device?

A. Not all mobile devices are compatiable and most require the adobe reader app to be installed. We do not recommend esigning with mobile devices at this time


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